Friday, September 14, 2007

Residents Express Opposition to Burning Caribou Rock and Rose

About thirty residents turned out at the Mid Trail Fire Hall to hear from the Forest Service about what prescribed burns they plan to do this fall. The Forest Service told those present that, if weather conditions allow, they hope to burn Dawkins Creek, Mead Lake, Caribou Rock and several others in the mid-trail areas this Fall.

Richard Fink, a cabin own on Hungry Jack Lake and Wayne Anderson, from Grand Masais voiced their concern that burning the Caribou Rock trail could destroy one of the areas must scenic hiking trail. Several others in the audience agreed. Concerns were also express concerning the planned future burns on Duncan Lake, which would include the Stairway Portage and overlooks at Rose.

Dennis Neitzke, District Ranger, obviously upset by these comments, took over the "floor" and stated, " I do not like the way this meeting is going." He then when on to explain that he has a mission to complete all the prescribed burns that were planned following the 1999 Blowdown. - including the Caribou Rock and Duncan burns.

When Neitzke was asked if due to the large number of wildfires that have taken place already in the Mid Trail area- the Ham Lake this year, the Famine and Redeye last year along with a number of smaller fires over the past few years, if he even bothered to consider these other burns in the planning of this Falls planned prescribed burns. Ignoring the question, Neiztke re-stated that the planned prescribed burns had to be completed.

Tim Bassett, who lives on Portage Lake, then stated that, " some people apparently are only interested in protecting their own little self-interest". Bassett then expressing his own little self-interest went on to say, I want to see the burns to take place around me to protect my property.


At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As people on the mid trail we want this burn. It helps to take away a clear path down to Lake Superior in case of another wildfire. In order to keep property safe from fire after the '99 blowdown, it is essential to take away the fuel and we do this by controld burning.

At 5:49 AM, Blogger Gunflint said...

To the anonymous previous comment writer who allegedly lives in the mid trail area I have but one question. How did the thousands of acres of USFS prescribed burns that the Ham Lake fire burned over help save the 140 building that burned in that fire? Actually the building that went through the Ham Lake Fire and were not burned, for the most part, were lucky, practiced "Fire-Wise" and/or were equipped with sprinklers. Ted Young

At 8:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first anonymous comments. Do the prescribed burns. The forest service knows what is best in this situation. I would however turn on my sprinklers when they start the fire.


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