Tuesday, September 04, 2007

County Commissioner Johnson Speaks Out on Forest Recovery

The following is from Commissioner Johnson's - newsletter #27-

"After the presentation by Lee Frelich last week it was clear to me that much of the recently burned pine forested areas will regenerate into aspen, birch, balsam, and spruce. The pine component will be significantly reduced. Planting and/or seeding pine in the next two years, before the brush gets too thick, would help to give the pines a better chance to get started.

Fall is a good time to plant trees. Trees under power lines are always looking for a new home.

You can obtain seeds from Red and White Pine cones by placing this year’s newly dropped closed cones into a bucket in a warm place, and let them open up. The seeds will drop to the bottom of the bucket. Jack Pine seeds can be obtained by heating the closed cones in a “coffee can” (campfire or oven) until they open and the seeds can be shaken out. Massive reseeding of the forest may be difficult politically or economically, but by seeding and/or planting, each of us can leave a pine tree legacy on our own property or at our favorite picnic or campsite spots.

Seeds and Trees: Mark you calendars for the first weekend in May next year. The Gunflint Trail Association is planning a tree planting event for the anniversary of the Ham Lake Fire."


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