Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Gunflint canoe races to benefit firefighters

Cook County News-Herald: The Annual Gunflint Trail Canoe Race Event is set for Wednesday, July 18, sponsored by the Gunflint Lake Property Owners Association.

The races have become a major fundraising event of the summer on the Gunflint Trail and helps raise money to equip and train the 25 volunteers in the Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department.

“As everyone is aware, the Gunflint Trail has been experiencing major fires for the last three years,” write John and Jenny Hughes in a memo this week. “The Gunflint Trail Volunteer Fire Department has been involved in all of these fires. In the past, the moneys generated from the fundraising events have gone to purchasing many types of equipment and provided both medical and fire training opportunities for the members of the fire department.”
This year the fire department is planning on purchasing two enclosed trailers for the portable wild fire sprinkler kits that were used this year on the Ham Lake Fire.

“Also on the wish list is a new CAFS Fire Truck,” write the Hughes. “This is a fire engine with a compressed air-foam system. This fire truck would be used in fighting wildfires that are threatening structures. The foam delivered to the structure would save it from a fire. It carries 400 gallons of water and is capable of delivering 1,600 gallons of foam.”
The association is soliciting race prizes to support the fire fighting capability along the Gunflint Trail. To make a donation, call 218-388-9935.


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