Thursday, August 21, 2008

Forest Servise Issues No Fires Order and Other BWCA News

Due to the recent lack of rain, starting today, no open fires will be allowed in the "Blowdown" area of Superior National Forest. Canoeist in the BWCA will have to use portable stoves for cooking. Unlike last year, at least this time they are issuing this order before any wild fire starts.

In other news from the Forest Service- Starting September 5 and running through September 9, a crew of volunteers will be replacing the steps at the Stairway Portage on Rose Lake. They hope to minimize delays by removing a few steps at a time as they work their way down both staircases. According to the Forest Service, "the goal is to minimize visitor inconvenience while the repairs take place."

The stairs were originally built by the CCC's in the 1930's. Then they were constructed of cedar trees cut on site. In the early 1980's a USFS crew replaced these old cedar stairs with creosote treated timbers. Wounder what materials they plan to use this time?


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