Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Residents History of the Gunflint Trail's Poplar Lake

Nancy Olmen-The history of Poplar Lake is diverse as the people who reside there and something that should be saved. For this reason, it is important that all Poplar Lake cabin and resort owners complete a history of their property. Your cabin or business history can now be save in the PoplarLake History blog. A few histories are now posted. These can be used as a model for your history or please feel free to express yourself in any way that you please. Some of the histories on this blog are rather long, but that is not necessary. Thing that can be included are when the cabin was built, previous owners, when your family purchased the property, "old time memories" (especially if you spent your childhood or teen years on Poplar), and even favorite things that you have done or now doing at the lake. . Pictures would also be encouraged. Thank you for helping in developing the history of the best lake in Minnesota (am I showing my bias here?). Send you histories to: Nancy Young Olmem ( to have your lake history included in this new Lake History blog.


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