Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Caution on Winchell to Brule Lake BWCA Canoe Route

If you are planning a trip from Winchell to Brule Lakes the following report from a USFS Wilderness Ranger should be noted:

I was just out in the Brule/ Homer area and have a couple things to report:

there is a lake north of Brule on the way to Winchell called Grassy
(between Mulligan and Wanihigan). It is essentially running out of water.
So I would advise people travelling in that area to take a
different route (Cones, Cliff, etc.). Though most everywhere else is experiencing
very high water conditions, Grassy is a shimmering shallow mudflat
that was difficult for our lightly-loaded daytripping canoe to pass
through. It will be virtually impassible for a fully-loaded boat. Also,
this is the time to head into the Pipes. High water = good travelling
on the Vern river to that destination.

that's it. thanks.

Tammy Cefalu
Wilderness Ranger



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