Monday, June 16, 2008

June- Wet and Cool on Poplar Lake; Grand Marais Floods

Halfway through June, the month is shaping into one of the wettest and coolest in years. It has rained everyday but four since the beginning of the month. A total of 5.41 inches has fallen to date at Poplar Lake. This put us well on the way to topping the highest monthly total in the past ten years of 5.7 inches of rain set in 2003.

The greatest rainfall for this month of 2.2 fell on June 6. This is the same day that at the Grand Marais Ranger Station 6.5 inches of rain was recorded. In Grand Marais much of the business district flooded and many roads near Lake Superior washed out.

The first half of the month will also be remember as one of the coolest. The temperature at Poplar Lake average 54.41, which if the cool weather continues, will likely exceed the coolest June in the past ten years of 55.25 recorded in 2002.


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