Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Snow on the Trail; Work Crews on the Banadad

"Gunflinters" woke-up this morning to a bit of snow on the ground. Not much; less then a quarter of an inch. But after all it is near the end of October and snow is expect. However for you skiers it still is to early but work has begun getting the trails ready for you.

Earlier this month a crew from Adventure Vacations, a Twin Cities based adventure travel company widened a three-quarter mile section on the eastern end of the Banadad Ski Trail. The group found a larger number then normal of down trees, which they removed. The down trees were a result of a combination of the heavy rains and winds of the pasts two months.

Then today a two-person local crew is going out to widen a remote section of the trail beginning two miles west of the Croft Yurt. This crew will be camping on the trail for five days and plan to widen about mile.

More Volunteer crews are expected out on the Banadad during November. Normally by mid-December the entire Banadad is cleared and ready for skiers. Prior to that and given a little help with mother nature providing snow, skiers have been able to start skiing on the eastern end of the Banadad as early as Thanksgiving.


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