Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Windigo Lodge Requests Zoning Change

Windigo is requesting a zoning change from resort-commercial to general commercial one the lodge's property north of the Gunflint Trail. While the request does not specify why the change is being requested a general commercial zone district opens the door for must retail sales and services business including a used car lot. Currently there are no general commercial zone districts on the Gunflint. In regards to a used car lot Windigo already have half of dozen or so used cars on the property that are for- sale.

The Cook County zoning officials stated the requested change was to accommodate a Marine Sales and service operation on the property and also mentioned the possibly of a Used Car Lot. According to the Cook County Zoning Ordinance marine sale and service is allowed under Windigo's existing Resort-Commercial zoning although it might require a condition use permit. However a used car lot would not be allowed on the existing zoning, but it would be allowed in a general commercial zone.


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