Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Forest Service's Gunflint Trail Timber Management Plans

The Forest Services' new timber management plan along the Gunflint Trail is entitled the Devils Trout Proiect. The plan covers the area from next to the Washington Forest to near Northern Lights Hill. In unveiling the plan , Dennis Neitzke acknowlegde the need to preserve the scenic "visual integrity" of the trail on any timber management program.

In reviewing this new plan the Gunflint Scenic Byways' Forest Committee has conclude, that for the most part it does make an effort to respect the nature scenic qualities of the Gunflint. And it certainly is a much more acceptable plan than the DNR's Clearcut. However, the committee was concern about some of the clear cuts the Forest Service was proposing and portions of the Devil Trouts reforestation plans. These concern are address in the Committee's comments on the plan presented to the Forest Service on May 22.

To view the full texts of the Byways Committee's comments click on Comments.


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