Monday, February 06, 2006

Trail Grooming Can be a Big Problem

February 2, another warm day, Jim Raml, set-out with the snowmobile and tracksetter to lay-down a fresh set of tracks on the Banadad Ski Trail. The tracking was going fine. Approximately 5 kilometers from the western trailhead, Jim turned out onto a beaver pond as had been done many times early this season. However, this time the snowmobile broke through the pond slush-ice plunging the snowmobile and groomer into two feet of slush. Wading in knee deep and at one time waist deep water for over an hour Jim was finally able to free the equipment. He then tracked the remaining western end of the trail. By the time he finished, needless to say, he was wet and cold.

Whether it was the warm January weather or the fact he choose to cross the pond to close to the dam or mostly likely a combination of both we are not sure of yet. But the trail groomers as they go out on the trail are now checking the other two beaver ponds along the Bandadad before tracks are set.


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