Monday, January 23, 2006

Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog the Gunflint

Including this blog the Edge, there are now five weblogs being published about the Gunflint Trail and the surrounding BWCA.

Two of these blog focus on the Boundary Waters. These include the Boundary Waters Blog written by Sue Prom, Voyageur Canoe Outfitter and BWCAW Blog written by an unnamed person who was raised in Minnesota and now lives in Seattle, Washington. Sue Prom's blog serves to chronicle events and activities as viewed from her home and business located near the end of the Gunflint Trail on Lake Sag. The BWCAW blog reminisce of past trips to the Boundary Waters written from afar.

Another new blog is Gunflint Trail History, which is, as of yet, an un-categorized listing of historic information that has been collected by the Gunflint History Project. Until a permanent "Web home" is found, the historical data collect by the project will be stored at this site. Anyone with historical information about the Gunflint Trail is invited to share it through this site. Historical information from the Gunflint Trail concerning individual lakes or business, on pre contact and early settlement, on fur trading, mining and timber operations and interesting individuals are among the items being sought.

The newest Gunflint Trail blog to hit the web is Heston's Nature Notes and deals with the day to day goings on of Barbara and Greg Gecas family who operate Hestons Lodge and Country Store on Gunflint Lake. In a current article talks Barbara writes, "It was a busy weekend, with lots of folks up for skiing and fishing. The sauna got a work out at night, and several brave folks jumped through the hole that Paul chopped out in the ice. I saw some photographs, and offered to put them on this blog, but that was declined. I'll try to find a photo of my nephew jumping in, to share. It is quite a thing to see!" The Heston's blog presents an interesting insight into life on the Gunflint trail and a must view for anyone interested in the area.

If this was not enough! Sarah Hamilton at Trail Center has as designed and hopes to release a blog on her clothing line soon. Yet another blog focusing on the Boundary Waters', the BWCA Blog put out by Canoe currently appears to be inactive.


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