Friday, January 27, 2006

The Banadad Yurts, A Myth is Born- Olga's Hut

The Banadad's first Yurt - the Croft Yurt was opened mid-way along the Banadad Ski Trail at Bedew Lake in December of 1984. Three years later a second yurt was added at the Croft site. This second yurt was subsequently named Olga's Yurt, during the winter of 1987, soon after the penning of the following entry in the journal kept at the Croft yurt-

"This may be my last communication - the yurt is completely surrounded by
baying wolves. The only remaining members of our party after the avalanche are
myself and Olga. Her voluptuous Scandinavian breasts have been the only
motivation to go on living in spite of -30 degree temperatures and blizzard
conditions. The meat is gone, and without sustenance I must confess that even my
sexual energies will subside, God forbid."

"With Olga breathing heavily as she lay beside me,
I was reminded of my days as a reporter on the Mongolian press circuit, and the
night I spent waiting for the plane to arrive from Beijing ... hot, humid ... my
sweat ran onto the floor of the airport, creating rivulets upon which I slipped
and fell into the waiting arms of Monique, the French Canadian snow snake, who
suggested that the only cure for my amnesia was to spend a night in a yurt. Her
final words as she stepped onto the ferry were "Take the Banadad

Richardson, Quamme, Weld & Wilcox ~
February 7, 1987

After this entry other guests continued to write about the exploits of Olga and a myth was born. The second yurt at the Croft Site had to be called - Olga's Yurt. While this second yurt eventually was replace by a rectangular structure the myth is continued to this day as Olga's Hut.


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