Friday, May 20, 2005

New Homeland Security Rule Hampers Travel Across the Border

A recently enacted rule from the Department of Homeland Security requires that any person traveling from the U.S. into Canada and returning at any location other then an official border crossing must have in their possession a "I-68" form. This means if you go fishing through Saganaga into Caches Bay or Northern Lights or are on a canoe trip where you cross into Canada at anytime during your trip you must have a I-68. Currently this form is only issued, in our area, from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection's office at the Grand Portage Border Crossing. The cost is $16/individual/year and it included the taking of you finger prints. If you think you will be needing this form you must go in person to the Border Crossing. The form is not available online, by phone or fax. Additional information can be obtain from the Grand Marais' office's of the U.S. Customs at 218-387-1770.

Note: while an email address for information was previously posted here a U.S. Custom officer demand it be removed because he was receiving emails which he claims he did not have time to respond to.

The Canadian government's "remote border crossing" permit, which is also required if you cross into Canada from any place other then a official Canadian Customs office, may also hamper access into your favorite fishing hole. At least you could obtain the Canadian permit without going in person to a Canadian Customs office. Nor does the Canadian permit require your finger prints.

Canoes, fisherman, snowmobilers or anyone crossing and returning into Canada at a "remote border crossing" you can thank Home Land "Security" for the extra hassle- no telling what you fisherman are hiding in those walleyes you are bring back.

See Duluth News Tribune for more Information


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