Saturday, May 07, 2005

Wolf on the Little Ollie Road

Yesterday when driving down the Little Ollie Road near the Poplar Creek Guesthouse I spotted a timber wolf about 50 yards ahead of my truck. I stop and watched him for about five minute. The wolf looked and did not move for quite awhile. This one like many wolf I have sighted over the years, he or she seem real curious on what I was up to.

This past year we had quite a few wolves around our neighborhood. I saw them on three other occasions this winter, heard them howling many time lately and there was not a day when I was out on the Banadad that I did not see wolf tracks, usually many, along the trail. Of course what brought the wolf in are the large number of deer we now have in the area.


At 12:49 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Hi Ted,
The wolf on the little ollie road must have been quite a sight. Jan and I were up on the trail this past weekend and did see several deer. So it makes sense that there will be more wolves. Sorry we didn't get to see you. We were very busy, had to head home a day early. Saw Jake in town on Sunday. We have a canoe trip may 26th from Baker Lake to Cross Bay Lake. Tell Barb Jan and I say hi. Pope Lake property is very nice. Take care, see you soon.

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous Sue Long said...

We love to see your observations. We were surprised to see today (5/11) that it was snowing hard. Bet it is pretty on the trees around the open lakes. Fun to know these things.
Read with interest your comment about the wolves on the Banadad. We don't so much until summer - but every summer we walk the Banadad almost every time we come up to the cabin. We have 2 Golden Retrievers who love to come to the cabin and just let loose and run while we are on our walks. One gets quite far ahead (sometimes just our of sight) and darts in and out of the forest. Maybe we have to stop this, although it is a great place to hike ,because if we are going through a wolf pack's territory won't they want to kill the dogs? What are the experiences of people who are there all the time with their dogs and the resident wolves. I would love some input by those who know more than I do about this as, while I like the idea of having the wolves and all the other wildlife around, our dogs are our babies. Do you think these wolves will likely be there in the summer or be pulling back further into the woods?
It is too bad so many deer are moving into the area. I really like deer, but in their place. I would rather have the moose up here.


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