Thursday, July 14, 2011

Byway' Timber Management Plan from USFS

Dennis Neitzke, Gunflint Ranger, layout a forest timber management plan for about six miles along the Gunflint Scenic Byways- from near the South Brule River to just below Swamper Lake. To view the Forest Services management plans go to .

The following is a letter from Neitzke announcing the program-Date: July 11, 2011-
Dear Interested Public:
I am writing to let you know about an opportunity to comment on our proposal for forest
vegetation management in the Lima Green Project Area and to invite anyone interested to attend a field trip to discuss the proposal. The location where these activities are proposed is about 12 miles north of Grand Marais, Minnesota and is displayed on the enclosed vicinity map. The proposed actions are intended to accomplish multiple objectives which are explained in the scoping report, but I’ll highlight a few of these objectives here.
One of the objectives of this project is to improve moose habitat. The Lima Green Project Area has a relatively high population of moose, even though the moose population in northeastern Minnesota is declining. Although habitat alone is not likely limiting moose numbers, providing a constant supply of shrub and small tree forage near stands of conifer trees may encourage moose survival.
Another objective of this project is to restore red and white pine. As red and white pines grow
larger, they add scenic beauty to roads and trails, offer habitat for many wildlife species and
provide timber products for the local economy. The Lima Green Project Area has some of the
highest percentages of red and white pine forest types on the Gunflint District. However, young pine rarely becomes established in the understory of these stands therefore it is important we establish young pine regeneration.
Enhancement of the long-term scenic quality of the Gunflint Trail is a third important objective of the project. Some of the tree species along the Gunflint Trail are short lived species and need some kind of disturbance to regenerate. District personnel have been working with the Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway Committee to develop actions that would improve the scenic quality, improve ecosystem health or reduce fuel hazards.
To accomplish these and other objectives, proposed activities would include intermediate and regeneration harvests, reforestation activities, prescribed burning and understory fuels reduction. Additional proposed actions include constructing and obliterating temporary roads to access units and the decommissioning of roads no longer needed.
All project objectives and proposed actions are explained in more detail in the Lima Green
Scoping Report. The report includes: the purpose and need for the project, summaries of the
proposed activities, a map of proposed activity locations, and other project information. The
Lima Green Scoping Report can be found on the Superior National Forest website at or you may request a copy from the Gunflint Ranger
District.I will be accepting your comments until August 12, 2011. You may submit your comments by writing, faxing, emailing, or calling. All comments received (including names and addresses) will become part of the project file and are public information. Please be sure to include your name, address, and the Lima Green Project name, regardless of how you submit comments. Written comments sent via mail, FAX (218-387-3246), or email must be addressed to:
Dennis Neitzke, District Ranger
ATTN: Lima Green Project
Gunflint Ranger District
2020 West Highway 61
Grand Marais, MN 55604

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