Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Important Gunflint Trail Plan Up for Review

Ted Young, Gunflint Trail-For Gunflint Trail residents and those that care about the Trail, I urge you to review the draft Scenic Byway' Committee's Vegatative Management Plan. After reading the Plan you have until March 18 to send your comments on the Plan into the Scenic Byways Committee's author Jim Raml.

The Plan's purpose is to be used as a" supplement to the Gunflint Trail Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan and serve as a stakeholder-developed framework for the preservation and enhancement of the natural and historic vegetation of the scenic byway.A primary purpose of this plan is to serve as a reference and guide for committee members. It is foreseen that this plan will be used by committee members to work with governmental agencies in the development of ongoing vegetation policy and projects conducted on public lands within the byway corridor. This plan will also be used as a source for the development of educational materials for all stakeholders, including visitors."