Monday, August 17, 2009

Gunflint's Bridal Falls Adventure

Looking for an adventurous hike along the Gunflint? You might want to consider going into Bridal Falls. Recently guests from Taunton, Minnesota, and staying at the Little Ollie Cabin took on the challenge. Bridal  Falls is located on the far south eastern end of Gunflint Lake. It is long hike in along the Border Route Trail. Plan a full day if you want to take in this adventure.

Locate just to the east of the falls is the remains of the old "cord-wood" railroad trestle . First used by the Pigeon River Lumber Company as part of a railroad side spur called the Gunflint & Lake Superior Railroad from Little Gunflint Lake, 3 and ½ miles to Crab Lake in 1903. For several years this logging venture succeeded in shipping a rich harvest of timber from the Crab Lake area onto the mills in Port Arthur. In more recent times the trestle became part of the snowmobile route between Loon and Gunflint Lake. The trestle began burning in the recent Ham Lake Fire and is still smolders. Remains of the trestle are still visable.


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