Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gunflint Spring Snow no April Fool Joke

April Fools Day brought 12 - 14 inches of heavy wet snow to the Gunflint Trail's Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B and along the Banadad Ski Trail. On the morning of the first with guests planning to leave for home the roads and driveways into the B&B's two rental cabins had to be cleared. Plowing began at 7:30 am and five hours later the two and half miles of roadway to the Gunflint Trail was open and the guest were able to drive-out. In departing the guest declared the snow fall was great and they would not have been disappointed had they been snow bound for another day.

Then guess what? It is still snowing- so far another 3 inches today.

The Banadad remains snowed-in. The trail groomer is expected to begin opening the Trail on Friday, after the snow has settled a bit making it easier to groom. It is anticipated that about 5 or 6 kilometers of the east end of the Banadad and the Lace Lake Trails will be tracked by this coming weekend. According to Boundary Country Trekking which maintains the trails, it is anticipated that with the addition of this snow fall the Banadad should remain ski-able well into April.

Total measure snow on the ground at Poplar Creek Guesthouse is now 32 inches.

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