Sunday, November 02, 2008

Geologist finds Evidence of Ancient Meteorite Impact what Local Stone Mason Already Knew

Ted Young, Poplar Lake-Fallout from a meteorite that struck the earth some 2 billion years ago near Sudbury, Ontario may have been found by geologists near Gunflint Lake but they certainly were not the first to make this discovery.

About thirty years ago I was working for Herb White, a stone mason who live on Road Lake and later in the house which is Loon Nest Gift Shop. While picking rock for fireplaces with Herb I can remember more then once when Herb would pick up a rock and explain to me that the small "spheres" in that rock were from a meteorite.

Well Herb may not have got it entirely right since according to geologist those spheres were actual molten ajecta thrown out into the atmosphere from the meteorite impact and then deposited back on earth many miles away including near Gunflint Lake. At least Herb was on the right track.


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