Wednesday, October 15, 2008

American Bittern on Gunflint Trail

The other day while driving the Gunflint Trail Lori Backlund, Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B’s bookkeeper, spotted what she thought was an unusual bird scampering across the Trail. Lori was able to photograph the bird. From the photo she identified the bird as an American Bittern

According to Bird Web the Bittern, is a “solitary species, the American Bittern is more often heard than seen. It is a stout heron, with mottled buff-brown plumage. Its neck can be held in to appear short and sturdy, or extended to look long and slender. Its upperparts are solid brown, with darker outer wings. The adult has a dark streak on either side of its neck; the streak is absent on the juvenile.”

I certain have to agree that the Bittern is rarely seen. I can only recall seeing the bird one time before, many years ago- that time, in the fall, when working on the Banadad Ski Trail.



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