Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Border Patrol to use Grand Marais Coast Guard Station

Submitted by Cook Country News Herald 04/09/2008-

The Border Patrol will use space in the Coast Guard Station as well as its present building on Highway 61 instead of building a new facility in Grand Marais as originally planned.

The announcement was made on Tuesday.

The General Services Administration canceled its solicitation for offers for building a new facility in Grand Marais on Monday, according to a GSA spokesperson.
And Shelbe Benson, U.S. Border Patrol, Grand Forks Section Headquarters, wrote in an e-mail: "Border Patrol is not actively seeking a new facility at this time." Instead, it will use both buildings.

The Border Patrol in International Falls has also moved into a satellite facility and will be retaining its primary facility, she said. Although, she added, “The Border Patrol is working on the logistics of a new facility for International Falls, and the logistics of the Duluth Border Patrol facility is still being worked out."


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