Sunday, March 30, 2008

Season's First Bear Goes After Dog

The other day following work, cutting brush on the Banadad, Jim Raml and his dog, Blonca were walking up to his truck at Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B’s parking lot when he spotted an all black animal headed his way. Next thing Jim knew a bear yearling went after Blonca. Unable to restrain the dog and fend off the bear at the same time, Jim called back to the Guesthouse for help. I responded! With me pitching snowballs and yelling at the bear to distract it, Jim was able to get Blonca into the safety of the truck cab and then drove-off.

The bear hung around the parking lot for a bit longer and then left. We have not seen the bear since.

The yearly bear after spending the winter in a den with its’ mother was likely “booted-out" to make room for this year’s cubs. The bear was wondering around in the snow hungry and looking for something to eat. At least this time it was not Blonca.

Ted Young

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