Friday, December 14, 2007

Home Land Security aka Border Patrol Does it Again

Ted Young Gunflint Trail - A couple of days ago a Border Patrol officer's speeding vehicle skidded off the road and turned over on the first hill along the Clearwater road. To our knowledge no one was hurt this time. However it was just a few weeks ago when a nameless Border Patrol officer drove into and killed Seagull Lake resident Ken Petersen. Then it was not too long ago when another speeding Border Patrol officer ran down two baby moose in the reduced speed zone near Trail Center. Don’t these boys and girls know how to drive?

With more Border Patrol officers expected in the County in the near future will any of us be safe? A suggestion to the Border Patrol- instead of adding more officers to antagonize area residents more, why not try getting to know the people on the Gunflint Trail and work with us as the County Sheriff and Minnesota DNR officers do. Residents along the Trail could be a better source of what is going on along our Border with Canada then adding more agents with bad driving skills.



At 10:27 AM, Blogger John said...

Amen Ted. The Border Patrol Cowboys are terrible drivers. We have witnessed them passing in no pass zones, tailgating and excessive speeds several times on the north shore. They need some drivers ed classes.

At 8:36 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

All I know is it's time for the citizens to start protecting themselves from these "agents". Having crossed the border many times at Pigeon River, I can attest what power hungry, arrogant punks many of these people are. The smugness and the "we're about the law" attitude so many have astounds me. It's only a matter of time before one of these goons murders someone.

The Ken Peterson death is just the tip of the problem. That drive should have been charged with manslaughter.

I would call the county sheriff every time I see one of them speeding, driving reckless, etc. It's time to start policing the "police".


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