Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Who is he and what was he smoking?

Reprinted from True North- a Cook County Blog - The tragic death of Ken Petersen, whose only crime was being a good Samaritan and cutting up a downed tree on the Gunflint Trail, raises a lot of scary questions about the good old boy network in Cook County.

Ken was killed by a Border Patrol agent who claims he didn't see either the man or the tree blocking the road. What was he smoking? More to the point, why is his name not released? In any other road accident there is no secrecy. But the Homeland Honchos have their perks, I guess.

Routinely, the state patrol issues tickets whenever there is a road accident, no matter whether anyone is hurt or any property is damaged. When a ticket is issued, the driver gets listed on the Court Report. County Judge Kenneth Sandvik declares that this is totally okay. So, why does a Border Patrol agent get special treatment? Who is this guy?

It's all part of the special privileges granted to "Homeland Security" as I see it. They get to do all sorts of bad stuff because... well, just because they can.

Ken Petersen was an exceptional person, brilliant and good and kind. Yes, accidents do happen, BUT. I know I would never hit a person and/or a tree in the road; if my vision got that bad I would quit driving. People, ask questions.

Footnote From the editor of the Edge - Another question- a speeding Home Land Security officer ran-down and killed two baby moose along the Gunflint on July 21, 2006 in the "reduced speed zone" near trail center" and then fled leaving neighbors to deal with the dead baby moose on the Trail. Could this agent be the same person that ran down Ken and he or she just does not know how to drive?



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