Saturday, November 17, 2007

Small Lakes Mid Trail Freeze- over

With temperatures the last few nights hovering in the mid teens and daytime not quite reaching the freezing point, the smaller lakes are now covered with ice- not much, less then an inch. Swamper, Aspen, Little Ollie, Road Lakes all have ice while the mid-size lakes i.e., Poplar, Hungry Jack, West Bearskin are still open. Normal after Swamper freezes it takes another three or four days before the mid-size lake freeze.

As for the area's winter trails, this falls heavy rains but lots of water on the trails and while this water is now frozen, the larger swamps and beaver ponds on the trails have yet to freeze hard enough to put any heavy equipment or even to walk on them safely.

Right now there is about one-half inch or less of snow on the ground.


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