Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fire Update- Hopeful Signs

The rain the past two days that fell on the Gunflint has reduced the fire threat greatly. District Forest Ranger Mark stated at last night's briefing that on the US side of the Border the fire is "likely to be completely contained by Sunday." Also there is good news for the evacuees- residents from beyond Poplar Lake to the north side of Gunflint and Magnetic Lake will be allowed to return to their home today at noon.

However, for residents on Seagull and Sag the blockade will remain in effect but they will be allow in to view their property but they are not suppose to stay.

On the Canadian side the news in not so bright as the fire continues to burn. Many of the islands on Sag around Red Pine Island have been burnt. One structure, to date, was reported destroyed on these islands.


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