Friday, April 20, 2007

Lake Ice and Snow in the Woods

Editors Note- In case you were wondering why nothing has been post for the past several days I have been in California visiting my son and attending a national cross country ski conference for the past two weeks. While I have returned to the Gunflint for a few days I now am leaving for a Sustainable Tourism Conference in Minneapolis and a State B&B conference in New Ulm and will return to the Gunflint on April 28.

While there was plenty of snow in the California mountains and the skiing was nice, it is certainly great to return to the Nordic heartland- the Gunflint Trail. The snow on the Gunflint is mostly gone although still quite a bit along the Banadad Ski Trail. The ice on some of the smaller lakes is close to going out. Little Ollie and Poplar Lakes are still ice covered but they will most likely go out with in a week or so. If they do go out then this year's ice out will be the earliest in my memory. It hard to understand why anyone would question whether we are experiencing "global warming."


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