Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ice on Small to Mid Size Lakes on the Gunflint is Out

It is official now the ice on mid size lake along the trail is now out- Poplar Lake was ice free on Thursday April 26. Swamper, Iron Road and the other smaller lakes ice was out earlier in the week. According to Shari Baker at Gunflint Pines Resort, the ice on Gunflint Lake should be out by days end or tomorrow.

Editors Note: In an earlier post I stated that it appeared that this year's ice out on Poplar might be the earliest in my memory. I was total wrong in 2005 and 06 the ice went out in Poplar on April 18th. And I believe there has been a couple of years prior to the last two years when the ice went out before this years date. Sorry about my error; short term memory loss I guess.

However this certainly does not diminish the fact that over the past twenty or so years it appears the average annual ice out date is much earlier. Global warming! Climate Change! Somethings going on with our climate. I agree with the vast majority of the world's scientific community that this change is man made and that we all need to start addressing this issue now.


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