Saturday, April 07, 2007

Forest Servcie Consider ATVs Routes for the Gunflint District

Gunflint and Tofte Ranger District have issue their initial report on the use of ATV's in the two Districts. What is currently being considered for AVT use for the Gunflint Trail area is series of loop trails starting near Devils Track Lake going into the Greenwood Lake area and along the southern sections of the Lima Grade from Twin Lakes to the North Brule Road. Also under consideration is a series of short dead-end trails to reach a few lakes and other forest resources along the Gunflint Trail i.e., Mayhew and Bedew Lakes. A printed copy of the report can be picked-up at the Gunflint Ranger District Forest Service Office's in Grand Marais. Comments on this proposal should be sent to the on or before April 27, 2007.

The Gunflint Trail Association and the Gunflint Scenic Byways Committee have both stated their opposition to opening up the Gunflint Trail and other country road for ATV usage. Both organization have also expressed their opposition to promoting the Gunflint Trail as an "ATV tourist destination"


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its unfortunate the GTA and the SBC only look out for self interest and don't care what the seasonal and full time residents of the trail want.

Open the entire gunflint to atv's.


anyonymous- if you lived on the Gunflint Trail you would know that all the lake associations representing most of the residents both seasonal and yearround do not want to open the Gunflint Trail up to ATV use. If you think this not correct let us know who you are talking about. Ted Young


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