Thursday, March 22, 2007

Skiing the Banadad on the First Day of Spring

Two Wisconsin men spend their first day of spring skiing the 30-kilometer Banadad Trail. With the morning temperature hovering at thirty degrees, David Gorski and Mark Balhhorn started at the west end of the trail. They said that the first part of the trail was very fasts and they made good time but as the temperature began to rise and the snow softened the skiing was a bit slower. Their time for skiing the entire trail was four hours forty five minutes. Both agreed the trail was still in good shape.

The pair were staying at the Boundary Country's Little Ollie Cabin.
While there is still at least another week of good skiing along the Banadad's eastern end near the Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B and Cabins, these two skiers maybe the last to ski the entire trail for this season.


At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Silent Sporters,

Mark Balhorn and myself (David Gorski) extend a giant thank you to Ted at the Poplar Creek Resort. Ted spent two and a half hours grooming the Banadad Trail the night before we skied it.

The dude did that just for us.

I enthusiastically recommend staying with Ted and Barb at Poplar Creek. We stayed at the Little Ollie Cabin. It has a sauna right in the cabin. Niiiiice!

We also had a very good time over at the Trail Center Restaurant; it should be noted that the moderate consumption of Mouse Drool Beer may have contributed some pretty noticeable air quality contamination coming from Mark during our ride home. I think my next car will be a convertible.

Be Well,

David Gorski


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