Saturday, March 31, 2007

Gunflint Scenic Byway Committee Comments to USFS on Latest Forest Plans

The USFS's proposed Devils Trout Project would effect 2708 acres of forest timber, much of which is along the Gunflint Trail, from the Gunflint Pines to just northwest of the Trout Lake Road. Over half of the timber in the area is scheduled to be clear-cut, some timber would be thinned and a small portion crushed or burnt.

While the Gunflint Scenic Byway's Forestry Committee felt that the USFS's proposed project gave at least some recognized toward preserving the scenic quality of the Gunflint Trail, the Committee felt that the Project, as proposed, did not go far enough in protecting the Gunflint Trail. The committee was also concerned that the Project’s reforestation plans were inadequate.

These concerns were presented to the USFS. For the complete text of what the Committee submitted to the USFS on the Devil Trout Forestry Project click on


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