Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Country Commissionar Adopt Amended Sales Tax Proposal

WTIP Grand Marais- Commissioners unanimously supported a resolution to amend the use of the 1% sales tax that currently goes toward paying off the hospital bond to include other community, civic and economic infrastructure projects.

Commissioners also gave their support to the Economic Analysis Council, a group of business owners advocating for the betterment of the county’s economy through efforts designed to bolster tourism, endorsing their proposal to increase tourism-related taxes countywide. The approved resolution would increase the lodging tax by half a percent and would institute a 3 % tax on recreation and entertainment in the county. The resolution would direct funds collected via these taxes into a new countywide event and visitors’ bureau.

A proposed 2 % tax on restaurant and bar sales was dropped from the group’s proposal after a meeting held Monday evening with local business owners. Many restaurant and bar owner had expressed their opposition to extending the sales tax to include restaurant meals and liquor.


At 7:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

After attending this meeting. Many Bar/Restaurant owners were in support of the direction this new formed activity/event board was trying to head with tourism.

Our concern was the cost to our already financialy strapped locals in taxing the bar restaurants.For this reason, the board agreed to remove the 2% tax from their proposal.
Thanks for posting this Ted.


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