Sunday, December 31, 2006

Season's First Skiers Through the Banadad

This winter season's first skiers to complete the entire 31-kilometer Banadad Ski Trail were Jeffrey Gedrose, his wife and two teenage children. After spending the night of December 27 at the Tall Pines Yurt the skier began at the trail's east end and traveled to the Croft Yurt were they spent their second night. The next day they skier out to the west end trailhead where their car was waiting.

Even with the marginal snow conditions all but about nine kilometers of the trail's 31 kilometers was tracked and in fairly good condition. The untracked nine-kilometer section was on the eastern end of the trail where Boundary Country Trekking's maintenance crews had just competed work on widening a portion of the trail.

The Gedroses' are from Springfield Illinois.


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