Friday, December 15, 2006

City Council Moves to Oppose State's Sale of Hillside Forties

WTIP Grand Marais- The fact that a proposed land exchange between the DNR and Larry Dewester was dropped earlier this week did not stop the Grand Marais city council from visiting the issue at their meeting on Wednesday December 13th. With the proposed land exchange off the table the issue now appears to be the fate of two 40 acre parcels of land situated just north of Grand Marais on the hill side overlooking town. The land is currently used for recreation and is owned by the state. These two 40 acre parcels have been put on a list of state owned property to be sold under a program started by Governor Tim Pawlenty. The city council unanimously passed a resolution to oppose not only the land exchange but also the sale of either of the 40 acre parcels.


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