Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Medium Size Lake Freeze-Over on November 19th

The night of November 18th was still. The temperature dipped into the low twenties. During the that night Poplar, Hungry Jack, Leo, West Bearskin and most of the medium sizes lakes, in the mid Gunflint Trail area, froze-over. Little Ollie, Swamper, Road and the smaller lakes had previously frozen-over over a week ago. The ice was able to set-up the next night as the temperature fill to 14 degrees; a record low for this fall.

The larger lake remain open.

While there still is a hint of snow on the ground the prospect for the snow remaining or even the lake retaining there ice cover are not good. Tuesday the temperature was in the high forties. The unseasonal warm weather is expected to continue through Thanksgiving and beyond.


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