Sunday, July 16, 2006

Cavity Lake Fire Information

Information is now being posted on the Cavity Lake Fire, as the fire near Seagull Lake is now called, at

According to Jim Raml, Seagull Lake resident living within a couple of miles of the edge of the fire, yesterday as the wind shifted ash from the fire were all around his house. From a boat on the lake in front of Jim's house one could see the flames leaping up from behind the ridge as the fire proceeded in a easterly direction.

Also just receive is the following Press Release from the Gunflint Trail Association

The Cavity Lake Fire is near the end of the Gunflint Trail on the eastern side of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. It is centered in a highland region between Seagull Lake to the north and the Kekakabic Trail to the south, in part of the blowdown area slated for a prescribed burn this fall. While caution and safety are top priorities, actual extinguishing of the fire is not a top priority. Rather the plan is to steer the fire away from valued resources, homes and population areas while cleaning up some of the blowdown in a natural way.

The fire is headed directly into an area that has been treated with prescribed burns over the last few years where containment lines are practical.

While paddlers entering Brant Lake and Seagull Lake are being asked to travel in adjacent entry points no other entries are closed or restricted.Effective July 16, 2006 until further notice, he following portages will be closed due to the Cavity Lake Fire Operations.
1. Gabimichigami to Howard Lake
2. Gabimichigami to Peter Lake
3. Little Saganga to Virgin
4. Crooked Lake to Virgin Lake

Basically the Northern Route to Gillis Lake is closed, travel is recommended to take the southern route to Tuscarora Lake.In fact some may get a good air show as the CL215s begin water bombing the fire in the days to come. Forest service personnel are contacting campers in the area to inform them of the fire and any safety concerns they should be aware of. Many paddlers will see or smell smoke from the fire but should not have their trip affected by it.People with reservations should contact their outfitter or the Forest Service for current information and where the fire is relative to their entry point.


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