Saturday, July 22, 2006

Border Patrol Runs Down Moose Calves

Friday morning, July 21, a neighbor is drinking coffee, comtemplating the past week's fire events and getting ready for the day's business. Suddenly screeching brakes are heard and two thuds. Neighbor's spouse goes to the Gunflint Trail, which abuts their front yard and sees a Border Patrol vehicle. The Border patrolman goes to a nearby residence and calls the DNR office and reports that he has just run into two moose calves. The neighbor locates the two dead calves, watches as the Border Patrol car leaves and then cleans up the glass. Walks back to his house and tells my friend the sad news. A while later the DNR arrives and removes the calves.
Another neighbor reports that the moose cow has been bellowing all day calling for her children.

This is a restricted speed limit area, on the mid Gunflint Trail area. It appears the Border Patrol car was above the speed limit. If the speed limit had been observed, maybe this tragedy could have been avoided.

My neighbor cried all day.

My guests have seen the calves feeding in the nearby swamps with their mother. What a thrill it was.

As this story is passed on from neighbor to neighbor, more tears are shed.


At 7:42 AM, Blogger Jerry Lundegaard said...

Considering the declining moose population this is a truly sad story. That's gotta be heart wrenching to hear the mother calling for her calves.

At 1:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if there had been two children in the road, and not two moose. There are always those who disregard speed limits, even Gov't employees. What a tragedy.


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