Friday, May 26, 2006

DNR Response and the Governor Ask Questions

DNR to Gunflint Trail; drop dead Gunflint! Doug Tillma, DNR Northeast Regional Forester, when questioned about the Gunflint clear cut, told a Cook County News Herald reporter that, "no change in the proposal is anticipated."

Meanwhile Paul Debuque, area Forester in Two Harbors, has requested to meet with the Scenic Byways Committee to "explain" what they attend to do.

Governor Tim Pawlenty was in Grand Marais, Friday (May 26) to tour the area. He was hosted by the community at a breakfast in the morning and afterwards he hosted his regular Friday wcco radio call-in show. During the broadcast the Governor interviewed Bruce Kerfoot, of Gunflint Lodge. The Governor's first question to Kerfoot was, I understand that Gunflint Trail residents are not happy with a DNR timber sale along the Gunflint. Bruce then when on to explain that residents are very up set that the DNR is planning to clear cut right up to the edge of the Gunflint and while the DNR has temporally withdrawn the sale, "we are not sure they are willing to do anything to change the sale."

During the call-in portion of the broadcast, according to the governor's staff, Gunflint Trail residents jammed the phone lines with their calls. However due to the limited time available only a few callers where able to get through and talk to the Governor. Among those callers was Biz Clark of Poplar Lake who stated "she agreed with Mr. Kerfoot," and she was not happy with the DNR clear-cutting along the Gunflint.

As of yet, the Governor has made no commitment to aid Gunflint Trail residents in their fight with the DNR over the clear cut.


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