Thursday, March 02, 2006

Locally Supported Northern Snowmobile Route to South Fowls Approved

After years of delay and debate, Gunflint District Ranger Dennis Neitzke finally decided to authorize construction of the locally supported and the most logical snowmobile access route from McFarland to South Fowls Lakes. While the selected route shirts the BWCA, the alternate route supported by some would have been built along side of the McFarland Road creating an unacceptable safety consideration. The alternative route would also have been longer.

The route was needed to replace the original route, the Tilbury Trail, which was closed by Neitzke in 2003 because it dipped into the BWCA at one point. Like the Tilbury Trail the approved new route primary purpose will be to provide snowmobile access for ice fisherman between McFarland and South Fowl.

The question locals are still asking is "why did it take the USFS so long to make such a simple decision?"

For more information go to the USFS record of decision.


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