Thursday, March 09, 2006

Local Skiers Post One of the Fastest Times on Banadad

One of the fasted time to ski the Banadad was posted by two Hovland Skiers on February 22. Brian and Debbie Bennett skied the 19 kilometer Banadad along with a side jaunt into the Croft Yurts in the record time of just under two and one-half hours. Brian's company, Outback Solar, installs solar power system in the area including serveral systems for Gunflint Trail resident "living off the grid." Debbie works at Gun Flint Tavern in Grand Marais.

Normal time for most skiers to ski the entire trail is seven to eight hours spread over two days.

I do not know if anyone has posted a better time then the Bennetts. If anyone knows of times even close to their time I sure would be interest in hearing about it.


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