Sunday, January 08, 2006

Poplar Lake Residents Contemplate Organizing Lake Association

A Group of Poplar Lake residents recently met to discuss the formation of a Poplar Lake Association. According to a letter received from these residents, "such an association would provide a means for homeowners to voice concerns, monitor, and perhaps take appropriate action regarding issues that affect the quality of our experience at the lake."

Among lake issues cited by the group of concern were, water quality, lakeshore development, surface water use, lake level, waste disposal and fishery management.

They are now requesting response from other property owners on any concerns they have about Poplar Lake and whether they would support the organizing of a Poplar Lake Association. Response should be direct to the following:

Mark Moe,, or phone 303-338-8862
Harvey Perusse,, or phone 651-698-5100
Doug Graham, or phone 435-628-4310
Alice Week, 218-388-0115

As a editorial postscript - I think it is a good idea to organize such a group provided it is open to all lake resident and that special effort should be directed to including lake businesses. Further that are many issues of concern to some of us that transcends Poplar Lake but directly affect our lake exerience. One such issues is the current unrestrained management of the forest by the U.S. Forest Service and Minnesota DNR along the Gunflint Trail corridor.

Further I urge all Poplar Lake resident to express their interest in forming a Poplar Lake Association.


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