Friday, October 21, 2005

Work on Preparing the Banadad for Skiing Underway

This weekend twelve volunteers from the Northstars Cross Country Ski Club arrived on the Gunflint Trail to work on clearing the summer's accumulation of brush and down trees along the Banadad Ski Trails. The group plans to work, weather permitting along the west section of the trail beginning four miles west of the Croft Yurt. They will access this remote section by canoeing down Tucker Lake then follow a USFS survey line south to the Trail. The group plans to spend two full days working on the trail. Their nights will be at the Little Ollie Cabin and Tall Pines Yurt.

Previously this fall a USFS Wilderness Ranger crew cleared a remote section of trail around Moose Kill on the eastern end of trail. The forest Service has also moved-in materials to rebuild and widen the Dawkins Creek bridge located one and one-half mile from the trail's western trailhead. Since the bridge is located in the BWCA the building materials had to be carried-in by hand.

At the eastern end of the Banadad, Boundary Country Trekking has sent out crews to clear the down trees on the Lace Lace Trail and the Banadad from the eastern trailhead to the Old Winchell Lake fire trail- a distance of about 3 miles.


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