Monday, October 10, 2005

An Encounter with A Moose

Moose is standing fifty yards from the front door of Poplar Creek Guesthouse B&B. Photo taken by Stan Poole of Red Pine Realty on October21, 2003 .

The Following poem is by a recent guest at the Poplar Creek B&B and her encounter with a moose on the Gunflint.

Always A Greater Power
by N.E. Nelson

Surrounded by the Sawtooth mountains, cow moose stands
amidst the remnants of scattered storm-blow down
of old old pines,
snapped at the base, rotting trunks, charcoal-black from
natures fires
surrounded by new growth and a few lucky survivors.

She stands atop an ancient rock outcropping staring at me
with chest
inflated, eyes curious, nostrils flared, ears perked,
while I watch with
heart aflame by her power and certainty
of her place in this wild country.

When she has had enough of my presence,
she swings her huge body
north with the
gracefulness of a ballerina dancing on jagged rock.
Yet I
feel the weight of this creature vibrate the earth
beneath my feet from
several yards away, then she is gone
and I am left with a keen sense of awe.

A day later on the way home the truck in front of me
carries the carcass of a huge bull moose, its head and paddles
lie motionless and I am bitterly reminded,
there is always a greater power.


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