Wednesday, August 10, 2005

BWCA Visitor Use Restrictions and Closures in 1999 Blowdown Area

Beginning at 12:01 AM, Friday, August 12, 2005, the Superior NationalForest will prohibit the use of campfires and charcoal or wood burningstoves in the blowdown area within the Boundary Waters Canoe AreaWilderness (BWCAW) and surrounding areas. The Pow Wow Trail and EagleMt/Brule Trail are included in this campfire restriction.Gas or propane cook stoves will be still be allowed at any time of thedayin the restricted area.

In addition, the Kekekabic Trail east of Disappointment Lake and theBorderRoute Trail with associated connector trails will be closed to publicuse.Parts of these long-distance trails are located more than a quarter milefrom a large body of water with concentrated areas of blown down treesbetween the trail and a lake. Cross-country travel is extremelydifficultand slow in areas of concentrated blowdown. This is a risk for hikerswhocannot quickly get to a large body of water if there is a firesituation.Campfires will still be allowed in firegrates at any time of the day indeveloped campgrounds (Trails End, Iron Lake, East Bearskin and FlourLake)within the restricted area.These restrictions are based on long range forecast of hotter than normal temperatures and low precipitation. In particular, the restriction on campfires is an important preventive measure to reduce the risk ofwildfireand protect visitors and adjacent communities. Historically,approximately50% of the wildfires in the BWCAW have started as the result of humanactivities. Most of these wildfires were from campfires that were notmanaged carefully.

Additional information is posted with maps of the restricted area andlistsof included lakes on the Superior National Forest and is also available through the Forestofficesand BWCAW permitting offices.


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