Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cairns Along the Trail

Cairns are mounds of stone erected as landmarks or monuments. They were of Celtic origin. There are many recently build cairns around the Gunflint Trail. Here are a few (click on image for larger view). If you know of others please let us know where and its history. If you can get a photo of it we will add it to the others displayed here.
Cairn located at top of the Northern Lights Lake hill.

Two Cairns (above) along the Tall Pines Trail to yurt constructed by the Nichols family on Little Ollie Road, in the fall of 2004. The Nichols have a cabin on Little Ollie Lake.

Poplar Creek B&B near Little Ollie Lake
South Hungry Jack Road on way to Hungry Jack Outfitters
Additional cairns can be seen along the Magnetic Rock Hiking Trail and one along the Shoe Lake Road near Greenwood Lake. These cairns will be added to this article when we have photos.


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