Monday, June 20, 2005

Local Attacks Environmental Extremist's BWCA Expansionist Agenda

Received the following letter to the editor from Sarah Hamilton, Trail Center. Ms Hamilton was responding to an anonymous letter she received concerning a quote by her in an article by Sam Cook in the Duluth new Tribune.

To The Editor, In reference to an article written by Sam Cook on Sunday June 5, 05
I was quoted as saying, "Our concern is where does it stop? When do they stop taking more and more to be non-motorized? Today in the mail I received an anonymous (of course) letter saying, Do you advocate a black top road through the BWCA? Where does it stop? First of all we were not talking about the BWCA; we were talking about outside the BWCA. And no, as a matter of fact. I do not advocate any destruction of the preserved wilderness areas. My concern once again is that a very large powerful organization funded by huge money corporations is for some reason controlling our U.S Government Forest Service. My concern is that extreme environmentalists are dangerous to our society. My concern is that any extreme group is dangerous to our society. Especially when they are rich enough to get their way with our Government. My concern is our wilderness areas and area surrounding them being under managed and sometimes over managed. My concern is uneducated people giving these powerful groups more money.

By taking these areas away to add them to the wilderness is in complete conflict with this law.

Boundary waters Canoe Area wilderness Act of 1978
Public Law 95-495
92 Stat. 1649

Sec 18. A secretary is authorized and directed to expedite and intensify the program of dispersed out recreation development on the superior National Forest outside the Boundary waters Canoe area wilderness, as designated by this act. The secretary shall consider in such new program development the need for the following: additional snowmobile trails, particularly those now planned or under construction: remote campsites on lightly developed lakes: and access sites and parking facilities to provide motorized recreation experiences similar to those previously available in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

I love this area I am glad so much has been preserved, but, I believe that all U.S citizens should be able to recreate in the manner they choose. Not controlled by a bunch of extremist with lots of money. So next time you want to come enjoy this great wilderness, do the right thing for the environment and WALK HERE. Driving all the way up here in your car/truck/suv is using a motorized vehicle to recreate. It is not fair to try and take away from people when you are doing the same thing in a different way. Driving your car to a non motorized recreation destination pollutes the environment. We are not trying to stop you We are trying to share. Recycle, carpool, pick up your neighbors garbage along the freeways. We do. Everyday. We are environmentalists, just not extremist.

Not anonymous
Sarah Hamilton
Gunflint Trail, MN


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