Monday, April 04, 2005

Old Northwoods Lodge Up for Sale

According to Old Northwoods Lodge owner, Gale Quistad, the Resort is soon to be put up for sale. He and his wife Yelana are currently reviewing proposals from several realtors. It is not certain just how the resort property might be listed. Among the proposals currently under consideration in addition to that of selling the property as a resort, the Quistads are considering listing the property as a Planned Unit Development (PUD) similarly to the way Borderland Resort was sold several years ago. Under a PUD the resort would be split into several different parcel and each parcel then sold individually.

Old Northwood Lodge has a long history on the Gunflint Trail. The resort started in the 1930's by Dr Rempel. At that time the resort was called Northwood Lodges. While several of the original cabins built by Dr Rimpel remain, the main lodge building burnt down in the 1960's. After going through several owners following Dr Rimpel, the resort was purchased by Gale Quistad. He subsequently remodel the resort cabins and then build a large new cedar log main lodge building containing three rental rooms, a public restaurant and the owners living quarters. The new lodge building opened in 2001.


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