Wednesday, April 06, 2005

From Yurt Log- The Young princess' Yurt Visit

The following story was writer by Karla Miller, my daughter, during her stay with her grand daughter (my great granddaughter) Janaya at the Tall Pines Yurt

There once was a 3 1/2-year-old princess named Janaya who lived in yurt castle with her young royal grandmum amongst the enchanted pines beside Hooker Lake.

The princess and queen had many wonderful adventures including making snow angels (well not really, they went through the motions but this time of year there were no impressions left behind in the crusty snow), following tracks as they walked around the lake, and taking the royal subjects (3 Barbies and 3 ponies and 1 newly acquired rock named Horace) for long rides in the plastic toboggan.

The princess was kind to the woodland creatures she encountered, and delighted the Gray Jays with daily treats. She was also very talented as she performed juggling acts with one, sometimes two, balls, and could also magically make them disappear.*

At night they would lay in their yurt and look up through the glass dome at the twinkling stars. Except for a couple "meltdowns" of homesickness ("I miss my mommy and daddy..."), they were very happy. But, alas, Reality called. Sunday, as always, arrived too quickly, and the pair had to return to the kingdom of Duluth. They shall come back to the yurt sometime, but until then, their memories of their adventures will be carried in their hearts.
Janaya Chambers and Karla Miller

*The third ball was missing before we got here. Someone else had learned of their disappearing powers.


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