Friday, April 08, 2005

April Skiing- Banadad Still Open

Banadad Ski Trail- April 8, 2005 Posted by Hello

Photo taken near the same spot along the trail as the previous trail photo taken on March 28.
The last skiers on the trail were two people staying at the Tall Pine Yurt who skied from the Yurt to the Lizz Lake Portage (5.6 kilometers) and back on April 6. They said the skiing was fine early however by late afternoon the trail became a bit "sloppy." No bare spots and there was only one place that they came across any water flowing over the trail.
Crust skiing in the morning on the Lakes continues to be excellent.
Today at 1:00 PM the temperature is 53 degress.


At 4:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today,Apr 9, the Banadad is beautiful. Still enough snow to ski-- At least up to the beaver pond between the Tall Pines yurt and Lizz Lake. My new waxless skis treated me well -- But my best efforts at throwing dead spruce over the deepest open spot didn't let me pass.


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